• World Class Education

    When you want only the very best for your children, starting with a world class education, American High School is designed for you.
  • Services & Solutions

    Online high school and online middle school admissions process is fast and easy. Our rigorous online high school academics prepare students for college or the workplace.
  • Programmed for Success

    Approximately 93% of American High School's 12th grade graduating students go on to college.
  • Summer School Program

    American High School’s summer school program is open to all students who have successfully completed the 8th grade.
  • AP and Honors

    We currently offer AP / Honors classes for Social Studies, English and Science with more being added all the time. Please contact us for more information or to speak with a representative.
  • Education at Your Convenience

    You can access your courses 24 hours a day / 7 days a week from anywhere in the world
  • 21st Century Learning

    We offer a state of the art 21st century education in an online format. Our online system is completely updated.
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  • What is the Mission and Purpose of American High School?

    Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s life, and the community, through the gift of education. We accomplish our mission by providing quality education that effectively breaks the barriers of time and space of the traditional school system to offer an alternative program that is: Accessible – You can access your courses 24 hours a day / 7 days a…
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  • Why is American High School
    the Right Choice for You?

    AHS offers a better alternative to regular high school. The program accommodates all types of students. AHS tailors courses to be effective and user friendly in an online environment. High school classes are adapted to work in an online setting. AHS provides a well-rounded curriculum. You receive the instruction you need to meet your educational goals. AHS has qualified instructors,…
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  • Success Stories

    "So far, in just a few short weeks, I am absolutely delighted with my son’s progress.”

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  • What is Accreditation?

    Accreditation determines if a school, its credits and diplomas are considered real by other high schools, colleges, universities, employers, all levels of government and the military. Checking a schools accreditation is a very important step in choosing the best online
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  • About Curriculum

    With over 300 proprietary courses from ACES (American Cloud Education Services), American High School customizes curriculum for Middle School for grades 6-8 designed to insure student success in High School High School with college preparatory curriculum for Grades 9-12 in
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  • Payment Plans

    We understand that for some families covering the years tuition upfront maybe difficult. That is why we offer monthly payment plans for all grade levels. Monthly payment plans vary from grade to grade and are factored in based on initial
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  • Tuition Assistance

    Speak to an AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL counselor! Call 1-800-695-0502 today to speak to an AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL admissions counselor and request an evaluation for tuition assistance. The earlier that a student calls and gets into the AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL system,
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  • AP and Honors

    We currently offer AP / Honors classes for Social Studies, English and Science. More are being added all the time. Students interested in enrolling in our Honors and AP courses should expect the following: Higher expectations in terms of quality of
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  • Dual (College) Credit Courses

    Courses offered for dual credit stem from agreements between high schools, universities and community colleges whereby a high school junior or senior enrolls in a college course and simultaneously earns college credit and high school credit for the course. Partnerships
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  • Credit Recovery

    Our Individual Course Program allows students to make up credits within 6 - 8 weeks and graduate on time. Students can enroll for up to 2 online middle school or online high school courses at a time.
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  • Summer School

    Our summer school program is open to all students in grades 6-12. Students can make up credits for any grade or start school early if they so choose to accelerate their learning. Transcripts will be sent to the appropriate school
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